High-Quality Childcare Facilities in Nunhead, London

Choose the facilities that will really help your child to develop by opting for The Puddleduck Nursery. At our day care centre, in Nunhead, London, we have absolutely amazing childcare facilities that offer everything your child needs to grow.

Our Building

Our building has plenty of room for children to move around freely. The facilities we have include a large community hall, which is open plan with lots of natural light. Within this hall, the children never feel cramped as our nursery keeps us all together in an airy, open-plan, family-style setting where your children will thrive. We have a small quiet area that’s perfect for naptime and storytelling.

At Puddleduck Nursery, we offer a stimulating environment with many opportunities for children to continue their learning experiences, both inside and outside. Just outside of our building there is a spacious and enclosed garden area. It consists of two areas of artificial grass that allows children to play in all kinds of weather. There is also a little planting area, so they can develop their own green fingers. In addition, we have just installed a new, larger climbing frame for safe adventuring and we also have bikes that are free to play with. We encourage lots of ball game skills, as well as other outside games. We have access to local parks too, which gives the children plenty of open space for fresh-air fun.

Outdoor Learning

A large outdoor garden provides space where our children can explore and develop their physical abilities through

climbing, riding balance bikes, using spinners to build balance skills and play ball games. There is also the

opportunity to engage with nature through planting and caring for the strawberries, beans, herbs and flowers.

Children spend a great deal of time being out in the fresh air watching the birds and the tall trees trhough the

changing seasons and looking up into the big sky above.


The nursery places  great value on being outside to expereince the changes in the seasons and the weather as well

as using thier energy to develop strong healthy muscles and bodies.

At the nursery we really enjoy being outside in the fresh air where we can all enahnce our learning experinces.text here


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Feeding Hungry Mouths

With a large, modern kitchen, we’re able to prepare all food on-site, with fresh ingredients, and on a daily basis. During lunch, we all sit together in a family group. All of our staff eat with the children to act as role models to them, encouraging good table manners, polite conversation, and trying tasty foods. We offer a hot lunch, a breakfast, and a tea-time meal. All meals are catered to any dietary requirements, so let us know if your little one has any special requirements.

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